The Last Great

Plague is Upon Us

College student and SCUBA instructor, Roxy Harper has lived in the coastal town of Port Steward her entire life. A deadly disease is spreading at an inconceivable speed and has transformed her hometown into a land of anarchy. 

Chaos touches her neighborhood, while Roxy’s father and sister are across town, in a tight spot of their own. As civil unrest and ravenous monsters spread through her coastal town like a rapid moving cancer, what’s left behind is only a shadow of what once was. Roxy aligns herself with fellow survivors in an effort to escape the madness all around them. With her family weighing heavily on her mind, Roxy is willing to go to great lengths to be reunited with them. Angora Laboratories, headquartered in Port Steward, is greatly invested in the cause. Creating a cure may be within the grasp of Angora, but which side they are on…only time will tell.

While the deaths of hundreds of citizens are a tragedy, what’s worse, is that they don’t stay dead for long. Once the disease takes hold of its victims, it continues ravaging their bodies, reanimating their corpses. Time is running out, not only for Roxy and her family, but for all the residents of Port Steward. As military forces prepare to set up a city-wide quarantine, there may be little chance of surviving the plague.With time running out and cannibalistic beasts on her heels, will Roxy be reunited with her family or join the ranks of the undead?

Endemic Rise of the PlagueEndemic Rise of the Plague